One of the best Mexican players ever

Cuauhtémoc Blanco is a former Mexican football player and politician. Those who want to wager on Mexican football at - popular sports betting sites can do so, while enjoying great odds. He is considered one of the best Mexican football players in history. He stood out at the beginning of his career as a forward and winger, to later consolidate himself as a creative midfielder. He is the second all-time top scorer for Club América, just behind Luis Roberto Alves and third in the Mexico football team. The only two players that have been able to surpass him are: Javier Hernández; and Jared Borgetti. Not only he was a prolific goalscorer. He was also an excellent leader of his team during many competitions. If he would continue to play, the popular sports betting sites 1xBet would be the best place to wager on his squads.

An important player in his national side

In the breakdown of his goals in competition: he was the first Mexican player to score a goal in three World Cups: one in France 1998 against Belgium, one in Korea-Japan 2002 against Croatia and one in South Africa 2010 against France. At the website it is possible to bet on everything related to the FIFA World Cups. At the same time, he is together with Alberto García-Aspe, Rafael Márquez and Javier Hernández one of the 4 Mexican players to score a goal in 2 consecutive World Cups. As it can be seen, México produces lots of highly talented players, meaning that visiting 1xBet to wager on them can be a very rewarding prospect. While Mexico has never been close to winning a FIFA World Cup, it is likely to say that their biggest chances to win this trophy at some moment were when Blanco was in the field.

Life after retirement

Rather than becoming a coach, as many fellow footballers do after their retirement, Cuauthémoc Blanco decided to go into politics. However, he continues to be an inspiration for the new and younger generations of Mexican footballers. This means that visiting - bet on football to wager on these Mexican teams and players has the chance of becoming very rewarding prospects. Besides being a winner in football, Cuauthémoc Blanco also became a winner in politics, winning several popular elections. However, what is really important is that it is unlikely that Mexico will have such a charismatic player again anytime soon. If such a player appears at some moment, bet on football at 1xBet can be the best thing to do.

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